Love is in the Air

I guess it’d be good to do a Valentines post. I mean, I totally sidestepped it at Thanksgiving, missed Christmas (sorry, I was at the beach and I’d rather look at waves than screens…) and by the time I rolled around to wishing people a Happy 2017 we were already a week in. 

So I’m not good at writing over the holidays. 

And, honestly, Valentine’s Day really is my jinx day. Or my nemesis. Or just the day Joey never quite gets it right. I’ve forgotten to get a baby sitter, mis-read gift clues, shown up at recently closed down restaurants, and messed up dinner reservations more then once including not getting a table at all when my 80 year-old grandparents came all the way to visit us from Canada. That was one to forget…

We had three straight days of rain when they came. When has it ever rained for three days in Phoenix?! We’d been married all of two years and we were hosting my quite active (and wonderful) grandparents in malls, coffee shops, and our tiny two bedroom apartment during the “Rainy Season.” We only knew about a few of the chain restaurants as we had no money to really go out and were essentially limited to the Mexican place down the street, Dairy Queen, and if we were feeling fancy; In-n-Out. So there we were on Valentines Eve and Lanna asks what reservations I had made for the next night… 

Anyway, after a gentle tongue lashing we decided to see what might work which left us wading through the multitudes outside of the Macaroni Grill, Chili’s, and On the Border (I mean, those can be romantic, right? Apparently thousands of Phoenix residents thought so) and ultimately giving up on two-hour wait times. In desperation, with a wife sending ice daggers in my general direction and my patient grandparents naming every strip-mall neon sign that even hinted at food, we found a windowless Chinese restaurant serving Arizona’s finest greasy Ameri-nese cuisine. 

It was a night to indeed, forget. 

Noodles is not normally a V-Day tradition for us… we have no tradition on the 14th.

So this year, I started to prepare. I actually do prepare every year, I just end up missing pretty big pieces of the preparation puzzle. But blessed be St. Valentine and his minion Cupid for shooting a “Give-this-guy-a-break” arrow into Lanna. She actually held up the white flag and said “Let’s just not try too hard this year.” 

And the heavens rejoiced. At least I certainly danced a small jig. Quietly…

So this year we are still going to do something special. The classic romantic comedy that is the “Lego Batman Movie,” a saucy dinner of homemade fried rice, and dessert in our candle-lit dining room for four. No, it’s not the norm, but seriously, what is? I dare you to comment or post a really good Valentine’s Day you had with your spouse or partner within the confines of either 1: no money, pre-career days or 2: with kids under five. 

Or maybe I’m just cursed? Hey, I’ll take a happy marriage (364 days following V-Day) and some stir fry out of a somewhat made-up day over forgetting our anniversary or missing a birthday. If this is the day that is just kinda’ “meh” for me (and graciously, Lanna) then I’m cool with that. I hope it is not that for you and that you celebrate Love in your own way. In the best way possible. And maybe I’ll see you at the Batman matinee. 


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