This morning I stepped outside for my walk to snow falling softly on the path ahead. It was silent but for my footsteps. The world was small, cozy, and incredibly beautiful. After humming through every Christmas song about snow and wishing that we celebrated Christmas all the way till February, I started into thoughts about peace. The path this morning was truly an ideal picture of peace. 

Morning walk. Pretty peaceful at 7am…

My mind soon led me to the days ahead. I honestly don’t know how it came into my thoughts, other than the brief scrolls I’ve taken through social media the last few weeks, but I started to contemplate the inauguration ceremony on Friday. Being slightly disconnected and not really wanting to care about the (mostly) men announcing how great our future will be for %51 of the country while the other %49 groan, complain, or worse, pen vehemently on FaceBook. And as my thoughts drifted farther from Peace, I realized that’s something we really need. Right now. 

No, I’m not talking about any “anti-feminist/immigration/racism/______” fill-in-the-blank. I mean Peace. 

I try to keep my scrolling limited to about 30 seconds a day on Facebook and unfortunately in the last few days, I’ve noticed less Peace. Maybe not less than around the election (gulp) but far less than we should have. Why is this? Why the hate towards Obama as he leaves? He and his advisors can do whatever they want under certain limitations. Why attack? Why lash out at Trump? By all means, stand for justice, especially in the face of discrimination. But does he deserve our hate?  

So lately when Aven doesn’t get his way, he’s been punching. I don’t now if you’ve met Aven, but this is a four year-old in the 99th percentile in height and the 95th in weight. When he punches, you feel it. Of course, we spend the time to patiently explain that we don’t punch to solve problems. He needs to apologize and then sometimes face a consequence: lose a toy for a day, skip dessert, or even miss out on Friday Night-Movie Night (believe me, this is like solitary confinement in our house.) 

Aven Preps for Friday Night-Movie Night

Later in school, if he chooses to attack, verbally or physically, it will book a trip to the principal. As a teacher, I was instructed to turn in any sort of hate messages, threats, and other potentially dangerous essays or notes to our administration to help these teenagers firgure out better ways to express themselves. 

So really? We hate Trump and write about it on FaceBook? You miss dessert tonight. 

So we want to kick Obama’s butt out of the Oval Office? You get sent to the counselor. 

Want to blow up Iran? Support Israel’s oppression of Palestine? Sorry, you miss out on your movie this week. 

And no popcorn. 

Now please, by all means: stand up FOR peace. FOR justice. FOR your sisters, brothers and all those oppressed. Cuz oppression is real and it’s there. Sit-in on Friday, march this weekend, and post something about what you believe in. 

But can we stop with the attacks? 

Here’s a thought: avoid Facebook this weekend. Can’t do that? Skip posts that start out with anything political. Still can’t keep your eyes away? Post something positive. Post something about your sisterhood; encourage all the women out there that are struggling under these ceilings, this demeaning speech. Write an encouragement on your Muslim friend’s wall. Share about ways to stay healthy so you can avoid Affordable Care. Just remember to breathe and slow down before you write. Rants get nasty the more we let our mind spin. 

Let’s spread some Peace this weekend. Slow down a bit and be kind. Be kind to your friends, your enemies and both in your social media meandering. Mostly, be kind to yourself. It’s really the only way to truly experience the good in this life.


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