Slow Start…

… and I don’t mean in the slow, good way. Although, no complaints there I guess. Read on…

A little catch up: We spent Christmas Eve on a beach in Thailand, skipped the turkey and stuffed ourselves with some mouth-wateringly delicious street food and then jetted back to Hong Kong on Christmas Day. After another four amazing days there, a plane full of free noodles and Pixar movies whisked us back to Arizona. Let me just say: flying out of Hong Kong on a Thursday morning and landing stateside at sunrise ON THE SAME DAY will mess with you… Jet lag is for real. 

About an hour into the 13 hour leg over the ocean, Lanna’s throat decided to rebel. By the time we landed, both boys were losing a couple gallons worth of mucus through their noses and we ended up saying “See ya, ’16” well before midnight (me notwithstanding: great night spent in the old ‘hood) By the time the car was packed to head up to the snows of Northern Arizona, the boys and Lanna had blown out the last of their colds and generously passed it along to me. 

So here I sit; day four sitting beside that really gross guy on those Musinex commercials. 

But I’m not complaining: how can I? It really has been an amazing month for our family (I’ll add some detail in a post soon) and honestly, it’s just a cold. Sure, the nights are miserable at times and I do feel pretty lazy but it sure is fun to watch the boys playing in the snow, finish some books I’ve been reading, and have Lanna serve me tea. Okay, she does that anyway. So I can’t complain and as much as we don’t do resolutions, I am setting a couple intentions for this year and one is to complain less. Even when there might be a somewhat justifiable reason like wanting to rip my nose off my face. 

It’s so easy to do, right? It’s a cultural pastime. I complained with coworkers while working at a great school, getting paid, doing what I enjoyed. I complain with strangers about the weather, the busy-ness at Trader Joe’s, the weather, the traffic, the elections, the weather… I mean, c’mon: I live in the sunniest place on earth! Sure, I could complain about getting sick, but really, my body is most likely just saying “Look, we just flew halfway around the world and you ate a steady diet of deep fried spring rolls and Thai iced tea: I need a break!”

And I met a good amount of people on our trip that really could have stuff to complain about. I’ll save details for later, but never have I witnessed more reasons to complain that were instead met with a steady resolve, a smile, and often an invite to dinner. 

Whoa. And I don’t like bumping shoulders with a few people in my nice, clean, fully stocked Trader Joe’s? 

I need to smile more. 

So, I’m going to work at this. It’s now in my meditation and on my personal agenda. I’m going to complain less. And when others around me are grumbling, I’m just going to shut my mouth and smile. Get lost in my own thoughts a bit. If one of the grumblers tries to engage me, I’m not going to get all preachy; no judgment, just maybe a change of subject or a simple “ya know, I don’t have much to say on that.” Gutsy? Maybe. Impossible? No. And I’d wager there might be a few people that might catch on a bit. Even if they don’t, no worries. I’m good. I’ll just take it slow and reflect on the good stuff I have in life. And then I’ll smile. 

I don’t think I’m going to ask you to join me, but I will ask you to help me: if we share a table, a fire, or a bump at the store, could you keep me accountable? I promise I won’t complain about you harassing me if you do…


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