Halfway around the World

So I’ve been procrastinating on the blog recently. I know that about %99 of bloggers slack off in the first couple months of starting one up (note exaggeration) and that I have now fallen victim of my own over-ambition under-delivering a few times. But I have an excuse this time, I promise: 

I’m halfway around the world and far too distracted to blog.

Jet Lag is for real…

Should I be blogging? Oh yeah, the material is there. Kai falling asleep at the best restaurant in Asia (recently voted best chef), Aven hailing tuk-tuks, Lanna practicing yoga in a rice patty and me committing the American faux-pas of replying “Si” to a Cambodian. But it’s way more fun to just stay in the moment, take a million pictures of those moments and goad you into following along on our crazy adventure through my Instagram page. Are you checking that out? Cuz Lanna’s face on the most recent pic captures our whole trip really well… those fish produced some of the strangest sensations since getting Lasik surgery. 

We’ve been wanting to take the boys off the continent and while the original plan was a quick jaunt to Central America, we started to look beyond. My brother and sister-in-law live in Hong Kong so while Lanna and I started planning a trip to see them, we just kinda’ started throwing the boys into it. Before we knew it, we had four tickets for a South East Asia trek booked for December. 

And now here I sit, blogging in a small cafe in Cambodia while Lanna searches for a tour guide for the temples of Angkor and the boys wrestle on a giant lounge chair as we all wait out a steady drizzle. It’s pretty much perfect. 

We started off in Hong Kong with a week of discovering what it’s like to cruise the streets with seven million other people in the canyons off high rises while trying some of the best dim sum, bao buns, egg tarts and noodles in the shadow of Asia’s busiest port. Our hosts were teaching all day so we were left to wander alone and outside of getting a little lost (always welcome while traveling) and searching for unknown restaurants (a little tricky with young, rumbling tummies), it was the perfect start to our month-long trip. 

Christmas Hong Kong style with Uncle Seige and Auntie Lise

We then jumped over to Cambodia, bounced down a dirt “road” (read: water buffalo track) in a tuk-tuk and ended up at the most welcoming, serene stop literally at the end of the road. It was our home for the night and included a thatch hut, mosquito nets and the best rice stir-fry I’ve ever tasted. We had a chicken run through our room and scare the living daylights out of Aven. Kai learned that sometimes you just toss your TP into the trash, not the toilet (he looked at me for a pause, then shrugged and said “cool.”) It was exactly how we wanted it: easy strolls through rice patties, no phone screens (or running water, for that matter) and a chance to allow the boys to see not everyone lives like we do. I think they got it… 

Life under the net in Cambodia

It’s something they’ll never learn inside a classroom. Or our kitchen table school, for that matter. 
We took a bus down through the heart of Cambodia to meet up with my “fake sister,” Sophie. It had been over a decade since we last saw her as a spunky middle schooler and it was so fun to see her all grown up doing some amazing work with the disadvantaged in Phenom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. showed us her adopted city where we enjoyed her hospitality and her adopted city. Then a “bunk-bed bus” (as dubbed by the boys) lulled us to sleep for the six hour journey back to Siem Reap where we emerged from the bus slightly bleary-eyed at 5:30am. 

Getting some Sophie-time: so good!

So, I guess we’re onto the fourth chapter: Dueck Asia Adventure 4.0, if you will. It’s been a little rainy, but according to the iPhone forecast, we’re in for some clear days ahead and we’ll get our fix of Angkor temples. We’ve got the best tuk-tuk driver who offered us dinner at his place, I’ll keep you posted on that. We’ve had our feet nibbled by fish, avoided the “scorpion on a stick” cart (tempting…) and exchanged smiles a million times with the kindest people. At almost the halfway point, I’d say it’s been the time of our lives. 
Life is good here. Maybe not exactly slow in these crazy tuk-tuks, but it is good. Stay tuned, I hear Thailand is awesome…


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