Slow Challenge #2: Get out and Walk

This one is simple. No ingredients. No staring at your never-been-used oven, telepathically trying to turn it on. None of that. Just get out and walk. If I did it this morning in a chilly 15F wearing Vans, you can do this too. 

FYI: I currently have my now frigid feet up in front of the fire as I type. 

Me out walking about 20 minutes ago.

Lanna and I have been going on walks together for over a decade (and separately with the advent of children. Who knew you weren’t allowed to leave a 5 week-old baby alone in the house?). It started pre-kids: we were both chiseling away at school while I was slinging drinks at Starbucks 40 hrs a week and Lanna slaved in cube-ville. We would set the alarm for 4:45am (I know, insane) and walk for a half-hour, usually not saying much as we let ourselves wake up a bit. Once kids came along, we took shifts and still do to this day: the last time we tried to walk together, we rounded the corner coming home to a small blonde haired boy bawling his eyes out while running around our street to find us. Yup, Parents of the Year…

Hear me out on this: I’m not talking about speed walking or hiking. While those are great and we do our fare share of the latter as a family, I’m saying make the time in your day to get out for a walk around the neighborhood. Does pre-5am sound ludicrous? Walk on your lunch break. Lunch at your desk? Walk when you get home from work. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel after just a short 20 minute cruise. 

A walk in the trees…

Try adding more walking into your day. Park on the top floor of the parking garage or at the far end of the parking lot at the mall. We complain about the lack of close parking and our inability to get to the gym in the same breath. Once I even did an experiment: after “parking space stalking” for a a good seven or eight minutes at the mall last Christmas, I finally laughed to myself and parked as far away as I could. Then I timed my walk from where I settled in to the entrance: two minutes and roughly 30 seconds. Yup, I actually lost time, got fatter and more frustrated by creeping up behind people hoping for a closer space. 

Do you have two or three minutes? Slow down abit. Take a walk. And if the temp dips below freezing, I suggest leaving your Vans at home…


2 thoughts on “Slow Challenge #2: Get out and Walk

    1. Haha!!! I know, it’s so bad! I haven’t owned boots in 12 years and then I missed the whole “Hey it’s gonna snow next week” warning and, well, procrastination caught up with me. Yikes!


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