Slow Challenge #1: Bake Something…

… no, seriously. You need to bake something. 

Let’s be honest, most of you have skimmed Pintrist at least once. Some of you (like me) get lost very quickly down the many rabbit holes, surfacing hours later with a mind numbing amount of ideas, recipes, home organization tips, and knowing how to make anything out of a pallet or mason jar. 

My favorite side project that emerged from this website is the “Pintrist Fails” that so often pop up around other social media sites. On the left side of the double framed picture is a perfect orange-hued cupcake (vegan, gluten free and made with love) with a perfect spiral of cinnamon-nutmeg flaked frosting (vegan, gluten-free and made with love) topped with a perfect jack-o-lantern crafted from fondit (vegan, gluten-free…). The right side of the picture then shows a slouched, slightly yellowed cupcake with icing lacking flakes but resembling a shade of poop drooping around the edges topped with a large, crooked blob of orange that sort of looks like a pumpkin that sat outside in the Phoenix sun a few too many days after halloween. But it’s vegan, gluten-free and began life with love and ended with a string of curse words, tears and finally hysterical laughter over how absurd this whole obsession with Pintrist is. 

Snap a pic, post it, and let the world know “hey, I tried.”

My first bread bake: yup, I used a hammer to get it out…

I’ve got some ideas for you and you can go as simple or complicated as you want. There’s four recipes at the bottom of this post to hopefully trigger some interest and then, well, there’s always Pintrist. The point is to focus your attention on something in the present: it’s hard to be angry at your coworker when you’re measuring out baking powder while simultaneously wondering if it should have been baking soda. This act of baking is going to take you anywhere from five to ten minutes to assemble it all; more if you chose something ambitious. In that time, those ten minutes, it’s just you, a kitchen and a bunch of ingredients. I suggest doing this alone so that it can just be you and your thoughts; you in the now. 

The beauty in all this is the wait time while the chemistry happens in the oven. Now you have anywhere from eight minutes (if you like soft, chewy cookies) to almost an hour (if you make the delicious banana bread) to sit and wait. No, this isn’t time for you to flip on the tv or thumb through your feed; it’s time to just be there for a bit. Wash your dishes (by hand) and then sit down and think about who you might share this with. Sit in front of the oven and watch your muffins rise or those cookies flatten out for a minute. Be bored. But most importantly, just be. 

Passing the baking torch… 

Congratulations, you just spent about 20-30 minutes slowing your life down a bit. Try this once a week. Share your goods with some friends or don’t, that works too. Let me know how it goes, both the baking and the slow life. I’m always open to some suggestions both for a good recipe and ideas on how to slow down abit. And please, by all means share that goodness on Facebook no matter how far off you were from the Pintrist pics. 


Simple- Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Got an hour?- Banana Bread 

Vegan, gluten-free… – Pumpkin Muffins

Bread Guru- The Perfect Loaf


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