Tick, Tock.

Life is rolling. And man, does it feel like it’s rolling fast. I mean, It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S., Novemeber is half over (didn’t my last post say something about how October flew by?) and, to top it all off, I have a seven year-old. 

I know, right? Seven years since this. 

And all you parents understand just how fast it goes. I know that I’m not alone in this and that even those without kids look back and think of how fast certain segments of life go by. When I was teaching, all the seniors would lament that high school went so fast, the eigth graders would think that the two long years of middle school weren’t that long at all while us middle school teachers thought the years would never end. I guess if you want to slow time down, become a middle school teacher… College flies by, your first job as a barista ends while you look ahead to a career and suddenly those four years behind the espresso machine seem to have been condensed into about four minutes. 

But trust me: time never goes faster than when you have young kids. My grandpa, who turned 94 the same day that Kai turned seven, pulled Lanna aside once while Kai was still in diapers and, as he often does, took the time to offer some sage advice: “Enjoy everyday with them when they’re little; because they’re big for a long time.” This obviously was a culmination of all the other snippets of simaliar thoughts, warnings and other whistful longings uttered by many parents who had gone before us. So we decided to very purposefully enjoy them. Heck, I even quit my job and Lanna works from home so that we can soak up, pour in, and enjoy every moment possible with these two beautiful boys. 

But time still won’t slow down. I mean, c’mon; what do I have to do? Find the Fountain of Youth? Some chalice? Comb Rapunzel’s hair and sing a creepy song? 

Seven years ago Lanna went through one of the most intense days of her life to bring Kai into the world. We almost lost him, twice, in the process. We had an outstanding midwife who sweated it out right beside Lanna and brought all three of us through the biggest day of our young family’s life to that point. Then it got too intense even for her and soon seven firemen  ended up in our bedroom and whisked all three of us off in an ambulance to save Kai’s mama and leave me with a both a newborn son and a wife. (Thanks again to that fire crew; you were awesome.)

Six years ago we had a birthday brunch on our patio with family and friends. Five years ago we hung out at a park in Tempe and four years ago it was on a new patio at our house in Tempe. I could go on, but I’m starting to get too nostalgic and I can’t remember some of the other birthdays. 

Some days are long; wait, let me say that again. Many days are long, but the months are short and the years are a blink. I’m so blessed to have Kai in my life for seven of those blinks. I’m doubly blessed to have his brother in on four of those blinks. I know that much of this post comes across as cliche’ and the last thing you peeked into here for advice but I’m pretty sure you can catch a drift. Thanks for letting me rant on about this for a few paragraphs and I’ll leave with one thing I know for sure…

I will be the dad who looks into his boys eyes like they’re the most important thing that there is. I will look into their eyes and tell them I love them. I will play Lego, build forts, shoot nerf guns, wrestle, tickle, teach, cook and love them every day of their lives. 

And I’ll even do it when they’re big. Cuz I’ve heard that they’re big for a long time. 


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