I remember when it was the first week of October and we were packing to head out on our first big trip of the fall and really, the first big one since this new life adventure we’re on. And then I feel like it’s Novemeber. Just like that. October, for being the fastest month on record (yikes… anyone else?) was a good, full month for us. We spent the first half galavanting around the country first with my side of the family in and around the Twin Cities of Minnesota and later traipsing through some amazing museums in Washington D.C. It was an awesome trip that had a few significant things pop up like how cool the Minnesota town of Stillwater is and that our boys rocked their longest single flight yet. It also afforded Lanna and I  some good conversations as we lay in our hotel bed listening to Aven toss every blanket and sheet off his body while mumbling in some other language. (It’s true: one night he blurted out whole sentences in German…) Often these conversations center around two things: how cool is this? And what, exactly, are we going to do next?

We don’t have a clue. 
This past trip we started to think about other ways that we could use some of our sills and abilities and narrowed in on that. I’m not being totally self-centered when I say that the majority of these conversations revolved around what, specifically, am I going to do. Considering Lanna is rocking her work and continuing to allow us the good life up here in a cabin, it pretty much came down to me. And no, I’m not slacking on the cook-teacher-magician job but there are other ways that I can not only have an outlet but also contribute to life outside our castle walls (or cabin walls , as the case may be.)

After establishing that I’m not going to open up the next best restaurant (or the only restaurant) in our tiny community of Munds Park, Arizona, I realized that what I like to do is write. I’ve really been digging this blog and, while I’m hoping a few of you have smiled at and related to some of the posts, it’s been a joy to express some of my thoughts, our stories and the adventure through this little corner of the world wide web. 

So I’m going to write. And a little more. 

Pancake Tacos- a combo invented by Kaidude, shown here inhaling it. 

I’ve been “formally” reviewing pretty much every place we’ve visited from restaurants to museums and parks to hikes which has been fun. I’ve got a Yelp profile and I’m active on Tripadvisor which happen to be two sites we use extensively while traveling. But I’m going to up the ante on the actual blog. I’m sticking to the general theme of this and there will be more posts that happen more often with the addition of other things. I’m going to post the odd recipe because I’ve really been cooking and baking a bunch over the past three years (yes, I’m that Instagram-er) and thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff we’re eating. You may see more detailed posts on homeschooling, a beer review (again, see my Instagram) or some of the places we’ve traveled. The blog posts for these will have some pretty specific titles like “Here’s a recipe for chili” or “Try this beer” and they should be pretty fun and a little entertaining but I get it if you’re not into that, so just skip those posts. Once I start my blogging empire, I may split these into multiple different blogs with equally witty titles like “Joe’s Cooking Blog” and “Go to This Brewery” so that again, you will know what they’re about. 

Anyways, it’s late. And Lanna just got home from Cleveland so I may be a little delirious. 

Epic Uno while waiting for a table at Surly Brewing

So fair warning given. Just because you see some new topics pop up and you wonder to yourself “Am I in the right part of the Blogosphere?” Don’t worry, you are. I’m just exploring some new creative sides of life. We’re still stuck in the slow lane and loving it, I just want to bring you along for a more full experience of what life is like inside the car that hangs to the right shoulder on the road. And if I can encourage you to figure out a new dish for your family or discover a new beer you might like, then it’s a total win-win. Maybe we’ll recipe swap. Maybe we can discover a new brewery together. Maybe we’ll end up crashing at your place on our travels totally unannounced-wait, never mind. 


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