Travel Well

No, I don’t mean first class tickets, airport lounges, or car service. Maybe the title should really read “well traveled” but even then, it would be misleading. Actually, it wouldn’t make any sense, so let’s just stick to the original. 

Above: Wrong turn to Wisconsin… 

We’re not pro travelers: we don’t have a billion miles saved up, I still get flustered in security lines, and sometimes finding an Uber driver at airports can mean a solid half mile hike after texting a hundred times with him back and forth. 

Nope, not pro. 

But we’re learning some things. Like get a splitter for the boys headphones so they can watch the same movie on one tablet, pack snacks (lots of snacks) and a water bottle for each. Have them wear hoodies and shoes onto the plane cuz those add weight to a carry-on or checked bag. Laundry service is cheap or free everywhere: don’t over pack but bring extra underwear and at least two pairs of pants to cold places (like Minnesota.) Plan to walk alot at parks, playgrounds, and such; it wears the kids out. And pack lots of snacks… 

Above: Some free in flight movies- Go Delta! 

This trip it feels like we’ve hit a new level. We’re on state number 10 and the third flight of the year which means the carry-ons are well stocked, the checked bag is under 45 pounds, and security had no beeps, searches, or pat-downs. 

And it feels good. Real good. 

Above: Beautiful Minnehaha Falls in the Twin Cities

We’re in the middle of a two week, two destination trip: this week we’ve been soaking up the Fall in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. From crisp hikes to huge malls, great beer to fresh apples, we’ve done the North Star State right. Next week we’re bouncing over to the nation’s capital and more discovery and adventure. I’ll be sure to post about it all but for now I just kinda’ wanted to revel in the fact that we’re in a good flow of this travel thing. It’s one of the reasons we pulled up those roots a couple months ago and simplified life a bit. We’re hanging with my family (bro and his beautiful family live in a beautiful town next to a beautiful river… well, you get it.), getting lost in a great city, and trying to take it all in as we cruise this life. 

That’s it. More to come, but for now, we’re here. Namaste… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Travel Well

  1. I’ve always followed your posts on instagram and i have never been so inspired by one of my past teachers, teaching me so much about life through your posts. You’re definitely living the life i want in the future. Keep doing great things Mr. D! Thanks for continuing to teach me even after five years.


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